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 +Passwords... the never ending pain in the a**. It is not as bad if you use the right tools:
 +Take a look at password hasher or password generator that use a master password and generate/​compute for each website
 + an independent and strong password.
 +I use the [[http://​angel.net/​~nic/​passwd.current.html|SHA-1 version]] from [[http://​angel.net/​~nic|Nik Wolff]] which I mirrored [[http://​public.hronopik.de/​passwd.sha1.1a.html|here]].
 +There you find also a bookmarklet version for Firefox or other browsers. For Chrome there is a [[https://​chrome.google.com/​webstore/​detail/​password-generator/​bhhinkiejikaoegbkfghkchkfekbkbic|compatible extension]]. For some reason I cannot find it via the search in the web store anymore. ​

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