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 +The Simulator is written in [[Haskell]]. It reads in an .prog file which is basicly the Haskell output of the internal ant language representation. Is is generated be the phec compiler. ​
 +We didn't bother writing a parser for the ant language itself. In the later main program we passed the compiled program interal so there was no need. 
 +The simulator has serveral output formats. First of all it has a colorised xterm compatible console output. Additionally you can output a dump of the simulation in the format the organisers provided it. At Saturday evening I verified the Simulator using the **diff** command. There was not even a space difference :-). Last but not least there is the output for the frontend, which consists of all cell where an ant is and all ants. This gives quite a large amount of data. (150MB for 10000 steps)
 +{{tag>​computing programming_contests haskell}}

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