====== ICFP 2009 ====== =====Contents===== * [[.:ICFP2009#General|General]] * [[.:ICFP2009#Useful informations upfront|Useful informations upfront]] * [[.:ICFP2009:intern|Intern (login required)]] =====General ===== ICFP stands for International Conference on Functional Programming. They organise an annual international programming contest. See the [[http://www.icfpcontest.org|ICFP 2009 Contest Website]], which is from 26 - 29 June 2009. ====Teamname==== **ICy frantic people** Andere Vorschlaege waren **I C frantic people** wie die letzten Jahre oder **HALT** (= Hal-Team), falls sich mehrere von den Hal(Haskell-in-Leipzig)-Teilnehmern anmelden. ====Teammembers==== In Göttingen: * [[:myself|Georg]] * Alex * Anya (ab 27.) * Matthias (matthias dot goergens at gmail dot com) In Leipzig * Patrick * Wenzel In Edinburgh * Allan ? Bitte eintragen. ====Communication==== This year I think we can try Skype. * Official RSS Feed: http://www.icfpcontest.org/wordpress/?feed=rss2 * Official Blog: http://www.icfpcontest.org/wordpress/ * Official Mail: icfp-contest@ittc.ku.edu * Offical unofficial IRC: #icfp-contest on irc.freenode.net * Unofficial IRC: #oasis on irc.freenode.net There will be no official web forum, mailing list ore something else. ==== Software to be installed ==== * GHC, say 6.8.3 * IntelliJ Idea 8.1 * Java 1.6 (the official Sun java > 1.6.0_10! I had problems last weeks with the OpenJDK stuff which is available as ubuntu package. Patrick) * Alex, Patrick and Georg are using [[http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/|Jetbrains Idea]] as IDE for java. It can be downloaded and evaluated for 30 days and is extremely nice. =====Useful informations upfront ===== This years orgianizer is the University of Kansas faculty Computer Systems Design Laboratory (CSDL) [[https://www.ittc.ku.edu/research/view_lab.phtml?lab=CSDL|www]] [[https://wiki.ittc.ku.edu/csdl/Main_Page|wiki]]. They seem to be a bit hardware centric. Some bits: * Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC) * KU Real Time (KURT) Linux * [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosetta-lang|Rosetta specification language]] [[https://wiki.ittc.ku.edu/rosetta_wiki/index.php/Main_Page|wiki]] * Protocols for ad hoc sensor networks * Xilinx and Altera FPGA/SoC prototyping systems * ModelSim VHDL/Verilog simulation tools Hardware and software design experience: * Specification languages and semantics * Language interpreters, analyzers, and compilers * Real-time and distributed operating systems * Distributed simulation systems * Embedded software and hardware systems * FPGA-based OS primitives * Reconfigurable Systems-on-chip * VHDL/Verilog modeling, simulation and synthesis {{tag>computing programming_contests haskell}}

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