ICFP 2009



ICFP stands for International Conference on Functional Programming. They organise an annual international programming contest. See the ICFP 2009 Contest Website, which is from 26 - 29 June 2009.


ICy frantic people

Andere Vorschlaege waren I C frantic people wie die letzten Jahre oder HALT (= Hal-Team), falls sich mehrere von den Hal(Haskell-in-Leipzig)-Teilnehmern anmelden.


In Göttingen:

  • Alex
  • Anya (ab 27.)
  • Matthias (matthias dot goergens at gmail dot com)

In Leipzig

  • Patrick
  • Wenzel

In Edinburgh

  • Allan ?

Bitte eintragen.


This year I think we can try Skype.

There will be no official web forum, mailing list ore something else.

Software to be installed

  • GHC, say 6.8.3
  • IntelliJ Idea 8.1
  • Java 1.6 (the official Sun java > 1.6.0_10! I had problems last weeks with the OpenJDK stuff which is available as ubuntu package. Patrick)
  • Alex, Patrick and Georg are using Jetbrains Idea as IDE for java. It can be downloaded and evaluated for 30 days and is extremely nice.

Useful informations upfront

This years orgianizer is the University of Kansas faculty Computer Systems Design Laboratory (CSDL) www wiki.

They seem to be a bit hardware centric.

Some bits:

  • Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC)
  • KU Real Time (KURT) Linux
  • Protocols for ad hoc sensor networks
  • Xilinx and Altera FPGA/SoC prototyping systems
  • ModelSim VHDL/Verilog simulation tools

Hardware and software design experience:

  • Specification languages and semantics
  • Language interpreters, analyzers, and compilers
  • Real-time and distributed operating systems
  • Distributed simulation systems
  • Embedded software and hardware systems
  • FPGA-based OS primitives
  • Reconfigurable Systems-on-chip
  • VHDL/Verilog modeling, simulation and synthesis

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