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 +This is a very exciting course. We contruct two robots. The first one should be able to explore the lab and the second one should play a game with a ball.
 +Here our reports:
 +  * first practical: [[ http://​public.flexman.homeip.net/​documents/​study/​isc/​prac1/​index.html|Html]] online browseable or [[http://​public.flexman.homeip.net/​documents/​study/​isc/​prac1/​prac1/​prac1.ps.gz|ps.gz]] printable format
 +  * second practical: [[ http://​public.flexman.homeip.net/​documents/​study/​isc/​prac2/​index.html|Html]] online browseable or [[http://​public.flexman.homeip.net/​documents/​study/​isc/​prac2/​prac2/​prac2.ps.gz|ps.gz]] printable format
 +**CPL Tools**
 +The Programming language we had to use is called CPL. It is a special one for the specific hardware of the robots. ​
 +CPL has limits for the size of functions and processes. Here two Perl scripts which should help. 
 +  * the appropriate documentation:​ [[http://​public.flexman.homeip.net/​documents/​study/​isc/​prac2/​node5.html|Html]] version or see second practical postscript version pages 7-9
 +  * [[http://​georg.hronopik.de/​snipsnap/​space/​Intelligent+Sensing+and+Control/​shrinksource.pl|shrinksource.pl]]
 +  * [[http://​georg.hronopik.de/​snipsnap/​space/​Intelligent+Sensing+and+Control/​checksize.pl|checksize.pl]]
 +  * CPL syntax highlighting for nedit: [[http://​georg.hronopik.de/​snipsnap/​space/​Intelligent+Sensing+and+Control/​CPL.pats|CPL.pats]]
 +  * Module page: http://​www.informatics.ed.ac.uk/​teaching/​modules/​isc

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